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 ISSN: 2616-9916

Vol 26 No 9 (2018)

Published: 2018-11-01

Vol. 26, No. 9, 2018

zahraa sabah Saleh

1 - 2

Optimization of Cutting Condition for Turning Operation Based On the Taguchi Method

Saad Hameed Al-Shafaie, Khalid M. Al-Janabi, Moqdad J. Al-Mosawi

48 - 55

CFD Analysis of Petrol Internal Combustion Engine

Mahmoud A. Mashkour, Mustafa Hadi Ibraheem

132 - 148

Free and Force Vibration of Perforated Composite Sandwich Plate

Mohammed Salih Hassan AL-Araji, Ali Sadik Gafer, Raad Salman Saed

166 - 178

Synthesis and Characterization of Zno Nanoparticles Using Hydrothermal and Sol-Gel Techniques for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

H. Musleh, N. AlDahoudi, H. Zayed, S. Shaat, H. M. Tamous, N. Shurrab, A. Issa, J. Asad

256 - 267

Sustainable neighborhood Comparative Analysis of Al Kut Neighborhoods

Ihsan Abbass Jasim, Sabeeh Lafta Farhan, Abduljaleel Thary Attalla

302 - 317

Study Scientific Methods for Small Project Selection in an Iraqi Environment

Sawsan Sabeeh Al-Zubaidy, Esraa Ibrahiem Al-Bayati

334 - 343

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