MC-DS-CDMA System based on DWT and STBC in ITU Multipath Fading Channels Model

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Nader Abdullah Khadam Laith Ali Abdul - Rahaim Arash Ahmadi Seyed Vahab Makki Golamreza Karimimi


In this paper, the performance of multicarrier direct sequence code division multiple access (MC-DS-CDMA) in fixed MC-DS-CDMA and Mobile MC-DS-CDMA applications have been improved by using the compensations of space time block coding and Discrete Fast Fourier transforms (FFT) or Discrete Wavelets transform DWT. These MC-DS-CDMA systems had been simulated using MATLAB 2015a. Through simulation of the proposed system, various parameters can be changed and tested. The Bit Error Rate (BERs) of these systems are obtained over wide range of signal to noise ratio. All simulation results had been compared with each other using different subcarrier size of FFT or DWT with STBC for 1,2,3 and 4 antennas in transmitter and under different ITU multipath fading channels and different Doppler frequencies (fd). The proposed structures of STBC-MC-DS-CDMA system based on (DWT) batter than based on (FFT) in varies Doppler frequencies and subcarrier size. Also, proposed system with STBC based on 4 transmitters better than other systems based on 1 or 2 or 3 transmitters in all Doppler frequencies and subcarrier size in all simulation results.

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N. Khadam, L. Rahaim, A. Ahmadi, S. Makki, and G. Karimimi, “MC-DS-CDMA System based on DWT and STBC in ITU Multipath Fading Channels Model”, Journal of University of Babylon, vol. 26, no. 5, pp. 279 - 298, Mar. 2018.