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 ISSN: 2616-9916

Vol 28 No 1 (2020)

Published: 2020-02-19

The Analysis of Water Discharge Frequency for Diyala River D/S Derbendi-Khan Dam

Wisam A. Abidalla , Ahmed S. Naser , Ali H. Hommadi

9 - 20

The Effect of Islamic Legislation on Contemporary Arab Islamic Architecture

Mahdi Saleh A.H. Al - Ataabi , Sarah Seelan Hussain

46 - 61

Geotechnical Evaluation of Soils in Ammarah/Central Missan, Iraq

Ihsan Al-abboodi , Ahid Z. Hamoodi , Samoel M. Salih

73 - 80

The Impact of Technological Development on the Generation of Architectural Styles

Sura Kassim Ameen , Ibrahim Jawad Al-Yousif , Ali Musa Hussin

99 - 107

Possibilities of Investing Urban Heritage

Kadhim Mohsin Ibrahim, Inaam Ameen Mohammed Salih

185 - 201

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