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  • Mechanical Engineering
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  • Architectural Engineering

 ISSN: 2616-9916

Vol 26 No 10 (2018)

Published: 2018-11-26

Gas Turbine Tubular Combustor Main Injector Optimization for Low Emission Combustion

Arkan Khikhal Husain, Mahmood Attallah Mashkoor, Fuad Abdul Ameer Khalaf

1 - 12

The Dimensions of Smart Architectural Design

Hussam Jabbar, Kias A.H. Abbass, Ahmad Hadadd

51 - 68

Study the Effect of Silica Gel Powder on Clathrate Hydrate Formation Behavior for HFC-134a Gas.

Riyadh Sadiq AL-Mukhtar, Shurooq Talib AL-Hemeri, Mustafa Saadi Mohammed

96 - 110

Implementation of an Automated Vacuum Elevator System

Farag Mahel Mohammed, Jamal Abdul-Kareem Mohammed, Mustafa Ali Naji

150 - 165

The Ethics of Decoration in Architecture

Abdulla Sadoon Salman, Enas Salim Abdulahaad

166 - 180

Evaluation Performance of a Solar Box Cooker in Baghdad

Saif Ali Kadhim, Ali Habeeb Askar

208 - 216

Investigation the Coating of Hydroxyapatite on Titanium Substrate by Pulse Laser Deposition

Rasha Safaa Hadi, Haydar H. Jamal Al-deen, Nabaa S. Radhi

299 - 311

Free Vibration Analysis of Perforated Laminated Composite Square Plates

Mohammed Salih Hassan AL-Araji, Ali Sadik Gafer, Raad Salman Saed

335 - 345

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