Investigation of Cost Control Measures for Main Contractors in Construction Projects

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Layth T. Ali
Raid S. Abid Ali
Zeyad S. M. Khaled


Based on previous research by the authors, (59) cost control factors in construction projects were identified in which (13) were considered as the most influential factors. In this research, control measures that are potentially within the hands of main contractors were investigated according to the opinions of some Iraqi professional engineers of high experience. A questionnaire survey consisting of (55) control measures for the (13) most influential factors were suggested. When ranking those measures, based on the highest (RII), it was found that contractors should focus on; using modern techniques and tools to improve labor productivity, using modern design programs to give clear visualization to the owner so changes is reduced, setting solid rules to attain good performance for contractors, ‎S/C and ‎suppliers, paying liabilities on time to avoid shortage of funding, insure periodical maintenance to enhance equipment performance and lower downtime, integrity and anti-corruption, using work study techniques to insure proper site planning,  proper selection of project managers, using modern planning and scheduling techniques, prepare suitable safe off-site locations for backup material storage, insure previous planning for equipment specification and labor skills, insure selecting reliable suppliers.


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L. T. Ali, R. S. Abid Ali, and Z. S. M. Khaled, “Investigation of Cost Control Measures for Main Contractors in Construction Projects”, JUBES, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 222 - 241, 1.