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It was promulgated on 19 April 1923 and placed the bulk of the sovereignty of the state, as well as the responsibility of ministers In the hands of parliament.</p> Ali Hadi Almahdawwie Ali Jalil Jassim Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-04 2020-02-04 28 1 1 26 Islamic Values and their Contribution to the Integration of Societies (Analytical Study) <p>Interest Al Quran and Al Sunnah are very concerned with Islamic values ​​on a personal and social level, because they are one of the most important pillars on which life is based, and by which the Muslim knows the limits of his relationship with himself, his Lord and his community, and given the importance of this topic will be devoted to the study (Islamic values ​​and their contribution to the integration of societies -) To show the impact of Islamic values ​​on building and promoting societies.</p> <p>The research was organized with an introduction, a preamble and two researches, followed by a conclusion with the most important results that were made clear in the light of the research. The study concluded, and then a list of the sources that I used to write the research.</p> Zainab Hakeem Obaid Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-05 2020-02-05 28 1 27 46 The Culture Between the Textual Authority and the Recipient - Rhetoric in the Fatimid Era-As a Model <p>One of the fundamentals of the authoritarian system is to focus on the art that is close to the audience and the possibility and speed of understanding it, describing it as a text that carries the foundational authoritarian projects, the type of prose was the direct means of communication between two different parties (authority and the charged), so the research seeks to uncover those patterns that originated from the prose text under the names of reformist and revivalist change, hiding behind the ambitions of the authority.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Zainab Ali Obaid Hiba Abdul Razzaq Noor Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-05 2020-02-05 28 1 47 58 The Most Important Problems Facing People with Special Needs and Future Vision Analytical Theory Study <p>Problems facing people with special needs are important issues affecting people with special needs. Therefore, studies that deal with the problems of persons with special needs in general and children in particular are widespread in civilized and developed countries, but after the United Nations and international organizations passed legislation and regulations since mid The last century has increased interest in this segment of different ages, this research has focused on the most important problems experienced by people with special needs, including health, social, economic, educational, psychological, and these problems resulting Disability, which negatively affects the disabled person's behavior, social performance, or lack of adaptation to those around him, whether his family, friends, etc., may lead to the disabled not responding to treatment or responding to social integration and making him a beneficial person instead of To be aggressive or withdrawn.</p> <p>The research has reached the following results:1_&nbsp; that the disability makes the individual in a bad spirits as a result of his sense of disability without others as it may push him to withdraw and social isolation continuously 2_ disability affects the relations of people with special needs and interactions in the family, school and society as a whole as well as hinder him from performing his roles Social 3_ that the feeling of people with special needs inferior to the rest of his classmates in the school or university because of what he suffers from mental or hearing disabilities.. etc. lead to the incompatibility of the disabled in general and children with special needs in particular in the educational field or in educational schools with B Ordinary children visor.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Ammar Salim Abd Hisham Adel Harata Fatima Al – Zahra Adnan Abdel Amir Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-05 2020-02-05 28 1 59 76 The Envisaged Messages of Violence and Atrocities in Sarah Kane’s Blasted <p>The profoundly original British young playwright, Sarah Kane, is regarded as one of the leading figures of the 1990s playwrights.&nbsp; Although her writing life was short and brief- with five-full length plays- Kane was able to canonize herself as one of the British iconic playwrights. The 1995 production of Kane’s debut play <em>Blasted</em> at the Royal Court Upstairs became the defining moment of a new aesthetic in the British theatre. As playwright born in the 1970s, witnessing the devastating events of the 1990s, Kane’s fears, anger and desire are well reflected in her plays.&nbsp; Indeed, <em>Blasted</em> is the first play in which Kane began addressing the themes that most members of her generation were suffering from. The play pictures extreme physical and spiritual violence that torn apart the three characters.<em> Blasted</em>, as Kane indicates on different occasions, is mainly concerned with the Bosnian conflict. Thus, atrocities committed in Bosnia are masterfully depicted. The present paper aims to examine the manifestations of violence and atrocities in <em>Blasted</em> and the envisaged messages that Kane intends to deliver to her British audience in particular and the world in general.</p> Majid Hameed Niama Al-Hachami Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-05 2020-02-05 28 1 77 87 Evaluation of the Energy Efficiency Gained by (Motion and Stability) of the Solar Cell Interface According to the Specific Angles of the Location of the Sun Disk in Diwaniyah City (Applied Climate Study) <p>The research highlights the importance of directing solar panels quarterly and within daylight hours within each single season - in achieving the highest solar gain that can be converted into electrical energy. The study included four seasons (summer, winter, and spring and autumn equinoxes). The standard score was applied as a statistical method to classify the difference in the energy reaching the surface of the solar cell panels. The specific angles of the location of the sun disk in Diwaniyah city were determined by its astronomical location using (Energy 3D program), and the intensity of direct and diffuse solar radiation was measured using a device ( Solar power meter (SPM-1116 SD) has been observed site monitoring The field of solar radiation away from buildings to avoid the impact on the radiation intensity of connecting.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The study reached a set of results that can be summarized as follows</p> <p>1-The highest energy gain is achieved when the solar cell panels are stationary towards the position of the sun disk specified at the head azimuth angle (zero⁰) in the summer at 830, and the highest energy gain is achieved when the solar cell panels are towards the sun disk position at the angle specified The azimuth of the head (zero⁰) at (1030), but at (1230) the highest energy gain is achieved when the solar cell panels are fixed towards the position of the sun disk specified at the angle of the head azimuth (zero⁰) (1230)</p> <p>2-The highest energy gain is achieved when the solar cell panels are moving towards the sun disk specified at the angle of the head azimuth (⁰45), and the angle of the horizontal dimension (135⁰) southeast at 830 in winter, and at 1030 The highest energy gain is achieved when the solar cell panels are moving towards the sun's disc set at the angle of the head azimuth (⁰30), the angle of the horizontal dimension (180⁰) south, and at 1230 the highest energy gain is achieved when the solar cell panels are moving towards The sun disk is determined by the angle of the azimuth of the head (45⁰), and the angle of the horizontal dimension (180⁰) southward.</p> <p>3-Autumnal equinox presided the rest of the seasons in the proportion of time, which sees a (very high) difference in energy in the case of the movement of solar cells coinciding with the movement of the solar disk compared to gain energy in the case of stability to reach (22.44%) within the time span of the hour ( The difference in power gain was (326.3 W / m2 / hour) and the horizontal dimension angles ranged from (112-129.08), while the percentage of time witnessed (very high) difference in Summer to reach (14.28%) rate of difference in energy gain of (273.9 W / m2 / hour) and angles of horizontal dimension ranged between (143.08 to 160.2 ⁰).</p> Hussein Ali Abdul Hussein Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-05 2020-02-05 28 1 88 120 Thought Fusion Beliefs Relation with Some Demographic Variables of University Students <p>This paper aims to identify Correlation between thought fusion beliefs andtheir relation to some demographic variablesin university students,To achieve the research objectives, the researchers developed a thought fusion beliefs scale based on the Rachman pattern (Rachman, 1997),&nbsp; Later, the researcher verified these scales and statistically analyzed their items on a sample of 380 female and male students of Babylon University, selected in a stratified random manner. Upon completion of research tools, final application was implemented on the research sample of 450 students, selected in the same previous manner. To address results of her research, the researchers used a group of statistical methods including T-test for one single independent sample, Two Way Analysis of Variance, Cronbach's Alpha, Chi Square</p> <p>The researcher reached to the following results:</p> <ul> <li class="show">There are statistically significant differences in thought fusion beliefs in university students according to the gender variant, but not according to the specialty students have thought fusion beliefs</li> </ul> Batool Banai Zubari Safa Bahaa Makii Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-06 2020-02-06 28 1 121 135 Scenes of Dance in Degas's Paintings <p>The current study deals with Scenes of Dance in Degas's paintings, The research contains four chapters: The first chapter includes a presentation of the specific research problem with the following question: (What is thScenes of Dance in Degas's paintings?, and the need for it, the aim of the study lies in: Knowing Scenes of Dance in Degas's paintings .</p> <p>The study identifies the dance scenes in Degas paintings through the technical sources, including the information network for the period (1874-1898) in France, and the first chapter includes the definition of the most important terms. The second chapter includes the theoretical framework, which includes two subjects. The first research includes Expressive scenes of dancing in plastic art .</p> <p>The second research includes Stylistic experiment in Degas paintings , The chapter ended with theoretical framework indicators. The third chapter deals with the research procedures that deals with the research society, which includes (150) works of art. The research sample consists of (5) technical works. The study ended with the fourth chapter, which deals with the results and conclusions of the research, as well as recommendations and proposals, among the results of the research are :</p> <ol> <li class="show">The artist embodies the bodies of the dancers as a subject of painting, and introduces the social reality that the dancer suffers physically.</li> </ol> <p>2.The relationship between painting and dance has taken an expressive path, where the beauty of dance and pain (social suffering) often goes hand in hand.</p> <p>The most important conclusions are:</p> <p>1.The artist (Degas) used the painting as part of the body dancer because the world is developing, and nothing stands still.</p> <p>2.Dance is an optical language, the body language through which expressive, emotions , feelings and&nbsp; meanings cannot&nbsp; be expressed in words.</p> <p>The study concludes with a list of sources and references. As well as a abstract in English.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Hamzah Allawi Muserbt AL- AlwaniM. Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-06 2020-02-06 28 1 136 165 Adaptation of Traditional Media to The Digital Environment and its Implications for the Public Field Survey Study <p>In light of the recent communication developments and the emergence of the Internet as an alternative to media, the traditional media (press-radio-TV) perceive the seriousness of the reflection of these developments on their existence and presence, intensifying efforts to adapt to these variables so that they remain on the one hand and establish a new communication system with their audiences. The screen is an alternative to printing boards in the case of press, and alternative communication sites for radio and television.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;Described as adaptation, which means harmony and harmony with the environment and the environment, the study of its effects and implications on the masses is a necessary necessity to show whether the traditional media is over for them. Or has it been redesigned communication lines and consistency according to the variables, and will be the public of Baghdad province field for this study.</p> Adnan Jilab Mnijl Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-10 2020-02-10 28 1 193 205 Representations of Integration in the Drawings of Asim Abdel Amir <p>The current study (representations of integration in the drawings of Asim Abdel Amir)، which included four chapters، the first chapter dealt with the methodological framework of the research، which contained the problem of the question: (How to integrate into the drawings of the artist Asim Abdel Amir?)، While ensuring the importance that manifested To study the concept of integration and its effects in the artistic field، as well as the objective of the research: (to reveal the representations of integration in the drawings of the artist Asim Abdul Amir) and limits of research: the concept of integration and its representations in the drawings of the artist Asim Abdul Amir for the period (2001-1998) and implemented in different materials in Iraq. While the second chapter included the theoretical framework and previous studies، which included two topics came the first under the title: the concept of integration and psychological representations، while the second section dealt with the features of integration in contemporary Iraqi art to the previous studies.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;While the third chapter has included the research procedures، which included the research community، which included (20) work for the artist، and the sample of the research was selected (3) models for analysis besides the research method adopted by the researchers، which is the method of analyzing the qualitative content to analyze the research sample.. If the researchers adopted The content analysis tool after verifying its validity، and ensuring the formulation of paragraphs، and the apparent validity of the tool (%86) and the stability of the tool after analysis sample by two experts and obtained stability at a rate (%89) and then analyze the sample. The fourth chapter contains the findings، conclusions، recommendations and proposals.</p> <p>- The artist Assem Abdel Amir incorporated psychological and social themes represented by his drawings clearly and topics: the artistic، environmental، and civilizational heritage Mesopotamian and Sumerian civilization and characterized his style of reduction and simplification and flatness in his work was spontaneous.</p> <p>- Embodied integration in the artist's products through virtual scenes inhabited the imagination of the artist and symbolic plastic dimensions adopted by the artist in the self-expression of his concerns.</p> <p>In addition to the most important conclusions: the emergence of integration as a concept in all artistic periods from the beginning of its appearance to this day، but there has been a shift in the form of the concept and its content and implications in every era from other epochs embodied in the Iraqi plastic art in various forms and varied.</p> <p>Up to the research proposal tagged (integration and representations in the arts of the Middle Ages).</p> Shawqi Mustafa Ali Marwaa Yaqzan Ghania Alhabib Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-10 2020-02-10 28 1 206 223 Deciding in Conflict of Jurisdiction Spatial the Ccourts of Internal Security Forces – A <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The conflict of spatial jurisdiction of the Internal Security Forces Courts means the contradiction between two decisions or two judgments issued by two or more judicial bodies of the Internal Security Forces regarding their jurisdiction or lack of jurisdiction to consider a specific case in spatial terms. In the case of a spatial competence dispute between the courts of the internal security forces, they cannot be left without being adjudicated and the court competent to hear the case is spatially established, as this will affect the fate of the criminal case. Is the issuance of two conflicting judgments in the same case, both of which are required by law. Therefore, the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Internal Security Forces referred to Article (110) of the competent authority to resolve the conflict of competence, whether between the investigative bodies in the Internal Security Forces or between the courts of the Internal Security Forces, namely the Court of Cassation of the Internal Security Forces. The law also clarifies its authority to adjudicate conflict of spatial competence and the measures taken by it to resolve this conflict and its legal implications.</p> Muna Abd AL-ALLy Musa Anees Fazhel Olayw Olaywe Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-10 2020-02-10 28 1 224 247 The Aesthetics of Color Contrast in Kenneth Prices Ceramics <p>&nbsp;The current study examine the aesthetics of color contrast in Kenneth Price ceramics&nbsp; by describing&nbsp; the potter's work to produce differences in the ceramic form&nbsp; types suitable in terms of the aesthetics of the ceramic form and the follow –up of aesthetic color and texture. The research contains four chapters ,The first chapter includes the research which can be identified by the following questions.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>1-Does color contrast have a role in expressing the same artist Kenneth Price</p> <p>2- What are the implications of color ? Do colors have symbolic dimensions in&nbsp;&nbsp; price's ceramics?</p> <p>The aim of the study is in. The property of chromatography aesthetics in Kenneth price ceramics. The research is determined by studying the products of contemporary American ceramics within the period of time specified between (1974 – 2012).</p> <p>1-The objective limits. The current research is determined by studying the aesthetics of color contrast from the ceramic work done.</p> <p>2-Spatial b oundaries. The research is determined by ceramic works done in America.</p> <p>3-Temporal limits. the researcher determines the time of (1974 – 2012)as&nbsp;&nbsp; this period is one of the richest periods of production with the potter well as terminology.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Esraa Fadhel Omran Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-10 2020-02-10 28 1 248 272 The Views of Ibn Hazm (v, 456 AH / 1063 AD) Cash to Answer the Suspicions of the Jews in their Torments of Copying Economic Provisions in the Light of his Book Chapter in Boredom and Whims and Bees A Comparative Critical Analytical Study with Qur'anic Jud <p>The study aims at highlighting Ibn Hazm's criticisms of the Jewish suspicions in the Torah through the study of the Torah, a modern study based on the knowledge of the frequency of their book to show the contradiction in the transfer of the missing accounts to the conditions of justice through the analysis of historical political events that had an active role in the birth of the suspicion of copying, The light on the copies of the economic provisions related to "charity" and "tribute" by tracking the texts of the Torah and the Gospel and the statement of what was copied in the Koran to find out the confusion that prevailed in the legislation of these axes by distortion priests and inks of legislation, The The criticism of the statement of uncertainty that prevailed legislation thieves, has been followed in this study, the analytical method of comparative cash with the definitive ruling to stand on the Quranic abrogating and the abrogated economic aspects that Ibn Hazm had a prominent role in responding to suspicions of Jews in contesting versions.</p> Urouba Hatem Obaid Alkarawi Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-10 2020-02-10 28 1 273 307 The Omission in Al-Sheikh Al-Ansari's Book " Parsing of the Holy Quran " <p>Linguists and grammarians paid attention to deletion and stated its purposes. Thus, we have found that Arabs deleted the preposition, noun and verb for a purpose, provided that this deletion does not violate the meaning and comprehension.&nbsp;</p> <p>Sheikh Zakariya Al-Ansari stated in his book "Parsing Magnificent Quran" subjects such as deletion of noun, verb, preposition and sentence&nbsp;&nbsp; which we clarified in this research.</p> Dawood Salman Dawood Hảmid Abdul-Mohsin Kảdhim Al-Janảbi Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-10 2020-02-10 28 1 308 327 The Structures of Creation and Formation in (Nahj Al-Balagha): A’adam Creation <p>The researcher, after studying the subject of creation, feels that this research did not take enough in the semantic studies to uncover many hidden aspects of the meaning of the word, its effective role in shedding light on its meaning of interpretation.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;After her obvious effort in her painstaking journey, the researcher concluded that the approach of Balajah is one of the important linguistic sources that can not be overlooked.It is an inexhaustible source and an important source of the sources mentioned in the Holy Quran. This is the son of a perspective based on the construction of the words of the language and the total use of nearly nine hundred uses less or more, as well as the Dictionary of the Sahih, which was previously lexicon of the tongue used steadily in many of its resources, and this shows how important this linguistic code, The most important results are:1 - approach Balagha This huge blog topics did not detail that detail imagined by the reader of the status of creation, but offered some of the speeches implicitly, because the subject of the approach is the sublimation of man and the creation of the mind only,2 - The words of creation that relate to Adam will not add anything much, but are preserved in the deep sense of the Koranic perception.3 - The majority of the words creation of Adam, which is mentioned in the article Nahj Balagha is the same in the Holy Quran (cradle, grief, the first mount) and other words</p> <p>4- The word creation is near the conventional linguistic meaning in the context of the text in the approach, and counted the owners of the code of language as well as analogues and isotopes, it is synonymous words, and the total synonyms of one of the modern researchers to twenty-two synonyms.</p> <pre style="margin-left: 13.5pt; text-align: justify; text-justify: kashida; text-kashida: 0%; text-indent: -13.5pt; background: white;"><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman';">5 - either the word of the universe is a synonyms of the word creation, and in its linguistic meaning is close to the material of creation as it indicates the events of the thing and be.</span></pre> <pre style="margin-left: 13.5pt; text-align: justify; text-justify: kashida; text-kashida: 0%; text-indent: -13.5pt; background: white;"><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman';">6 - There is an interest in the linguists in the nature of creation, perhaps due to the religious concern that lies in the creation and composition, as well as the visual and mythological perceptions that deepened this feeling, and so many of them studied, but his presence in the approach of rhetoric took the nature of reflection and insight And religious pilgrims to convince the recipient of the greatness of the Creator, that is to take the nature of the response to those who questioned the nature of creation or tried to reach the universe of creation and the unity of creation and formation, and this is what we notice in the speech of ghosts.</span></pre> <pre style="text-align: justify; text-justify: kashida; text-kashida: 0%; background: white;"><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman';">7 - The number of words that indicate the creation of Adam is ten words.</span></pre> <p>&nbsp;</p> Salami Salam Ali Abdul-Fattah Al-Haj Farhoud Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of University of Babylon 2020-02-10 2020-02-10 28 1 328 341