Rainfall Returns Periods in Iraq

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Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Al-Sudani


Rainfall date obtained for thirty-two meteorological stations distributed in Iraq to find the rainfall returns period, which contributes in the improvement of water management plans all over Iraq, especially during dry seasons. Mean annual summation of rainfall has a symmetrical increasing pattern from southern west towards northern east, according to the increasing ratio of rainfall in the northern region of Iraq. The northern east region of Iraq has characterized by very abnormal and abnormal events regarding rainfall (P) in term of return periods, while the northern west, middle and southern regions characterize by a normal distribution of rainfall. , Iraq has only two types of weather conditions, according to rainfall returns periods: the humid weather condition located in the northern east part and dry weather condition in the other parts of it.


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H. I. Z. Al-Sudani, “Rainfall Returns Periods in Iraq”, JUBES, vol. 27, no. 2, pp. 1 - 9, May 2019.