Published: 2018-02-20

Parametric Study for the Effect of Suspension Composition on Electrophoretic Deposition of Zirconia

Alaa Abdul hasan Atiyah, Saad Badry Hasson Farid, Awham Jumah Salman

33 - 40

Suggested Safe Design for U-turn Under Different Levels of Flow

Hamid Athab Al-Jameel, Jasim Mohammed Ali Al- Hamami

55 - 69

Improving Behavior of Castellated Beam by Adding Spacer Plat and Steel Rings

Hayder Wafi Ali Al-Thabhawee, Muslim Abdul-Ameer Al-Kannoon

331 - 344

The Effect of Adding Graphite on the Structural and Mechanical Properties of Titanium Carbide

Ahmed Al-Ghaban, Kadhum Mutter Shabeeb, Aseel Hadi Hamaza

249 - 255