"Planning and Design Indicators for Hospitals of Blood Diseases and Tumors in Iraq"

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Zainab Ali Abdulwaheed
Bahjat Rashsd Shahin


The hospitals of blood diseases and tumors are among the most important specialized hospitals, which aim to improve the health situation in general and patients with blood and tumors in particular through the provision of a comprehensive hospital for tumors, radiotherapy and chemical as well as guidance services and social awareness, and although most of the local hospitals are within the minimum standards of global standards, but they do not meet local privacy, which requires the development of design indicators and are in line with local reality.

The problem of research has become "limited local studies that dealt with the planning and design indicators of the space dimensions of the hospitals of blood diseases and tumors rules and mechanisms of work in terms of functional, environmental, structural, social and precautionary"

In light of the research problem, the research goal was to "identify comprehensive indicators in the light of advanced global experiences as a measure of all the components and indicators of planning and design systems for hospital buildings of blood diseases and tumors".

To extract the vocabulary of the theoretical framework and apply it to the selected research sample, and then to present the orthographic results of the design and planning of hospitals of blood diseases and local tumors.


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Z. A. Abdulwaheed and B. R. Shahin, “"Planning and Design Indicators for Hospitals of Blood Diseases and Tumors in Iraq"”, JUBES, vol. 27, no. 2, pp. 88 - 108, May 2019.