JOURNAL of UNIVERSITY of BABYLON for Pure and Applied Sciences, (JUBPAS) is an official journal of the University of Babylon for Pure and Applied Sciences in Iraq established in 1995.

JUBPAS is a scientific peer-reviewed open access journal publishing high-quality research and review papers at the forefront of modern research describing significant developments in Pure and Applied Sciences.

Online ISSN: 2312-8135

Print ISSN: 1992-0652

Vol 30 No 1 (2022)

Published: 26-03-2022

Covid-19 Vaccines in Iraq

Sura M.Y. Al-Taee , Amina G.O. Al-Ani , Mohammad M. Salih


Numerical Solutions of the Coupled Kortweg-de Vries Systems

Rebwar S. Muhammad , Faraidun K. Hamasalh


Lead Treatment by Eco-|Friendly Techniques

Hala Faez Abdul Hadi Al-Jawahery


Key Generation for Vigenere Ciphering Based on Genetic Algorithm

Asraa Abdullah Hussein, Noor Kadhim Ayoob


Flax Seed (Linum usitatissimum): the Healthy Medicinala and Preventive Food

Halla Abdul-Hadi Chabuk, Zainab Hadi Kamil, Nuha Yaarub Al-Harbi, Nawfal Amer Saleh


A Survey of Unmixed Bipartite Graphs and Very Well-Covered Graphs

Diyar M. Mohammed, Adil K. Jabbar , Halgwrd M. Darwesh


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