JOURNAL of UNIVERSITY of BABYLON for Pure and Applied Sciences, (JUBPAS) is an official journal of the University of Babylon for Pure and Applied Sciences in Iraq established in 1995.

JUBPAS is a scientific peer-reviewed open access journal publishing high-quality research and review papers at the forefront of modern research describing significant developments in Pure and Applied Sciences.

Online ISSN: 2312-8135

Print ISSN: 1992-0652

(31) volume (3) number (2023 )

Published: 30-09-2023

Effect of Omega3 for the Skin Diseases- A Review

Aoss Moez Abed –Alhussian Alyassery, Zainab Mahmood Al-Jammali, Anas Al-Yasiry


Transmuted Survival of Lindley Distribution

Zahra M. Fadhil , K. A. AL- Kadim


Study of the Structural Properties of NiCl2:Al2O3 Thin Film Prepared by Chemical Thermal Spraying Technique

Mohamed Khaled Khalil Yasin, Raheem G. Kadhim Hussein, Saba Abdul Zahra Obaid Alshiaa


Study the Optical Properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol Thick Film Irradiated with Violet Laser

Sarah Maysam T, Nihal A. AbdulWahhab , Addnan H. Al-Araji


Spectroscopic Study of Copper Plasma Produced by Fundamental Nd: YAG Laser by LIBS

Safa Abdul Kareem Raheem, Sami Abd Al-Hussein Hatif , Alaa Hussein Ali


The Optimizing of Prefabricated Solar Cells by Dual Plasmonic Nanoparticles

Baraa Hussam Ali, Lazem H. Aboud, Mohammed J. Jader


Assessment of Soil to Cassava Transfer Factor of Radionuclides in Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State, Nigeria

Ejiro Francess Ejoh, Aniesua A. Essiett, Joseph Gordian Atat, Edu J. Inam, Imeh E. Essien, Mfon Celestine Bede, Emem Uduak Benjamin


Studying Potential Energy Surface for 230Th , 232Th and 234Th Isotopes Using Interacting Boson Model-1

Nibras Hayder Hammood Eatiah , Mohsin Kadhim Muttaleb Al-Jnaby , Ghaidaa A. Hafedh Jaber Hussien


The Effect of Demographic Factors (Age, Gender, Sector) on The Covid -19 Infection in Babylon Province / Iraq

Lubna Abd Muttalib Alshalah, Sarab A. Juda, Azhar Omran Althahab, Frial Gemeel Abd, Setyo Budi Kurniawan , Ansaf Nsaif Jasim


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