JOURNAL of UNIVERSITY of BABYLON for Pure and Applied Sciences, (JUBPAS) is an official journal of the University of Babylon for Pure and Applied Sciences in Iraq established in 1995.

JUBPAS is a scientific peer-reviewed open access journal publishing high-quality research and review papers at the forefront of modern research describing significant developments in Pure and Applied Sciences.

Online ISSN: 2312-8135

Print ISSN: 1992-0652

Vol 30 No 3 (2022)

Published: 28-09-2022

Molecular Techniques Used In the Detection of Fungi

Zahraa A.N. Al-Yassiry, Basheer Al-Alwani


Study of Cattle Infection with Giardia Parasite at Al-Kufa City, Al- Najaf Al-Ashraf. Iraq

Hussein Takheal Hussein, Haki abd Alabas Issa, Shatha Atta Abied, Mustafa Hussein Takheal


Prevalence of Dental Anomalies in an Adult Dentate Najaf /Iraqi Population by Using Digital Panoramic Radiographs

Ameera Kamal Khaleel, Haider Mehdi Hamid, Mortada Mahmoud Nouri, Mahdi Emad Mahdi, Rasool Hammed Abbas, Youssef Mohamed Talib


Gene Sequencing of Hydatid Cysts isolated from Human and Sheep in Central Euphrates Provinces, Iraq

Ridhab Mahmood ALhadidi, Ahmed Khudhair Al-Hamairy, Huda Jasim M. Altameme


Effect of Toxicant and Predator Harvesting on a Predator-prey Model with Modified Leslie-Gower

Mediya Bawakhan Mrakhan, Shilan Fahmi Amin, Arkan Nawzad Mustafa


Classifying Three Stages of Cataract Disease using CNN

Hind Hadi Ali, Ali Yakoob Al-Sultan, Enass Hamood


New Techniques of Weighted Sum Method for Solving Multi-Objective Geometric Programming Problems

Rajaa F. Al-Mamoori , Muthanna Sabah Azzawi, Alaa Abbas Fadhel


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