JOURNAL of UNIVERSITY of BABYLON for Pure and Applied Sciences, (JUBPAS) is an official journal of the University of Babylon for Pure and Applied Sciences in Iraq established in 1995.

JUBPAS is a scientific peer-reviewed open access journal publishing high-quality research and review papers at the forefront of modern research describing significant developments in Pure and Applied Sciences.

Online ISSN: 2312-8135

Print ISSN: 1992-0652

Vol 30 No4 (2022)

Published: 31-12-2022

Information Hiding Based on DNA Sequences

Defaf Shiker Kadhum, Sahar Adil Kadhum


Handwritten Recognition System Based on Machine Learning

Ali Abdul Kareem Salman AL-Yassari, Hadab Khalid Obayes


Information Security Using DNA Sequences

Hiba Safaa , Sahar Adill, Ali Yakoob


Prevalence of Human Monkeypox virus

Mohammed R. AbdAli, Ameera Jasim, Nada Khazal K. Hindi


Review on Common Steganography Techniques

Noor Kadhim Ayoob, Asraa Abdullah Hussein


Restrict Nearly Semiprime Submodule

Khudhayer O. Khadem, Haibat K.Mohammad Ali


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