Review on Malware and Malware Detection ‎Using Data Mining Techniques




Computer Security, Malware Classification, Data Mining, Viruses, Malicious Software.‎


Malicious software is any type of software or codes which hooks some: private information, data from the computer system, computer operations or(and) merely just to do malicious goals of the author on the computer system, without permission of the computer users. (The short abbreviation of malicious software is Malware). However, the detection of malware has become one of biggest issues in the computer security field because of the current communication infrastructures are vulnerable to penetration from many types of malware infection strategies and attacks.  Moreover, malwares are variant and diverse in volume and types and that strictly explode the effectiveness of traditional defense methods like signature approach, which is unable to detect a new malware. However, this vulnerability will lead to a successful computer system penetration (and attack) as well as success of more advanced attacks like distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Data mining methods can be used to overcome limitation of signature-based techniques to detect the zero-day malware. This paper provides an overview of malware and malware detection system using modern techniques such as techniques of data mining approach to detect known and unknown malware samples.


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W. S. Bhaya and M. A. Ali, “Review on Malware and Malware Detection ‎Using Data Mining Techniques”, JUBPAS, vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 1585 - 1601, Nov. 2017.