JUBES Vol 26 No 1 (2018)

Published: 2017-11-30

Performance Evaluation of a Forward Kinematic Hand Model

Jabar Salman, Alaa Hussen Ali, Thamir Rashed Saeed

35 - 41

Electrodeposition of NiCr Nanowires Using Anodic Aluminum Oxide

Rana Afif Anaee, Alaa H. Ali, Ahmed Rajih Hassan

55 - 59

Heat Transfer Enhancement in Vertical Channel for Two Phase Flow by using Compound Turbulater

Riyadh S Alturaihee, Mohammed W. AL-Jibory, Hind Naji AL- Jibory

60 - 71

Permeability of Polyamide6 Nanofiber for Air Filtrations

Ola Hameed, Zuhair Jabbar, Hanaa Jawad

122 - 128

Managing Waste Throughout Lean-Green Perspective

Lamyaa Mohammed Dawood, Zuher Hassan Abdullah

192 - 204

Effects of Sawdust and Rice husk Additives on Physical Properties of Ceramic Filter

Majid. Muhi Shukur, Mohsin Abbas Aswad, Saba Mohamed Bader

221 - 228

Heat Transfer Augmentation in Gas Turbine Blade Rectangular Passages Using Circular Ribs with Fins

Mohammed W. Al-Jibory, Farhan Lafta Rashid, Hasan Qahtan Hussein

247 - 258

Dust Effect on The Performance of Optical Wireless Communication System

Fadel Abdul-Zahra Murad, Ibrahim Abdullah Murdas, Ali Raji Jabbar

259 - 268

Fabrication and Testing of Pyramidal X- Band Standard Horn Antenna

Hasan F. Khazaal, Haider Th. Salim Alrikabi, Anwar N. Mohammed Ali, Kadhim A. Neamah, Ali S. Shanan

298 - 305

The Effect of Load Magnitude on Fatigue Life and Thermal Behavior of Notched Fatigue Specimen

Laith Hussain Al Najar, Luay Sadiq Al-Ansari, Mohammed Wahab Al-Jibory

306 - 314

Studying the Thermal Effect and Nano Zinc Oxide Load Level on the Adhesion Between Rubber Compound and Steel Tire Cords

Abdul Kareem Abdulrazzaq Alhumdany, Muhannad Lafta Al-Waily, Saja Qasim Mohammed

338 - 347

Production of Structural Light-Weight Aggregate Concrete Using Different Types of Iraqi Local Crushed Materials as Coarse Aggregate

Fatimah Hameed Naser Al-Mamoori, Maryam Hameed Naser Al-Mamoori, Wissam Nadir Najim

362 - 375