Improved Mesh_Based Image Morphing ‎


  • Mohammed Abdullah Taha Islamic University College, Department of Computer Techniques, Najaf.


Warping, cross dissolve , mesh warping, morphing


Image morphing is a multi-step process that generates a sequence of transitions between two images. The thought is to get a ₔgrouping of middle pictures which, when ₔassembled with the first pictures would represent the change from one picture to the other.  The process of morphing requires time and attention to detail in order to get good results. Morphing image requires at least two processes warping and cross dissolve. Warping is the process of geometric transformation of images. The cross dissolve is the process interpolation of color of eachₔ pixel from the first image value to theₔ corresponding second imageₔ value over the time. Image morphing techniques differ from in the approach of image warping procedure. This work presents a survey of different techniques to construct morphing images by review the different warping techniques. One of the predominant approaches of warping process is mesh warping which suffers from some problems including ghosting. This work proposed and implements an improved mesh warping technique to construct morphing images. The results show that the proposed approach can overcome the problems of the traditional mesh technique


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M. A. Taha, “Improved Mesh_Based Image Morphing ‎”, JUBPAS, vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 1608 - 1617, Nov. 2017.