Principally Pseudo-Injective Semimodule

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Khitam S. H. Aljebory
Asaad M. A. Alhossaini


    In this paper, the connotation principally pseudo-injective semimodule which is a generalization of the notion principally quasi-injective semimodule will be introduced, we study some properties of principally pseudo-injective semimodule. Relationship between principally pseudo-injective and principally quasi-injective semimodule is given. A semimodule is called principally pseudo-injective (shortly, P.P.-injective) if for any cyclic subsemimodule Ų of, any monomorphism from Ų into can be extended to an endomorphism of.


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K. S. H. Aljebory and A. M. A. Alhossaini, “Principally Pseudo-Injective Semimodule”, JUBPAS, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 121 - 127, Aug. 2019.