Study Synthesis of Sonlt'Vitamine - C Drivatives

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Oda Mizil Yasser Al-Zamely


The present Work include the nove] s)ihesis of 2,3-j!-isopropytidene vitamin-c, from the reaction of dry acetone with 'Vitamin-c in excess of acetyictJoride ,the reaction completed afeter(48) hi . and shows a four products 2,3 -JL-Isopropylidene, 5 , 6Q.. -Isopropylidene and2.3 -O-diacetryI and 3-0 -acetyl vitamin-c.
These four products were separted bv uisne: column chromantotograhytyPe (srncagel chromatography <0.06 mm).
The compounds were indentified by absorption '~pectrum analysis of (V.Vand IR) hl1 addition to (H'NMR). 


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O. M. Y. Al-Zamely, “Study Synthesis of Sonlt’Vitamine - C Drivatives”, JUBPAS, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 321 - 327, Jan. 2018.