Molecular Targeting of John Cunningham Virus ‎‎(JCV) Among Colorectal Tumors Patients in ‎Central Iraq


  • Zahraa ‎ Ali Abdullah College of Sciences , Babylon University
  • ‎ Shakir Hammad Mohammed College of Sciences , Babylon University


JCV, Colorectal tumor‎, In Situ Hybridization‎


In order to prove the implication of John Cunningham virus in colorectal cancer of Iraqi patients. Sixty eight (68) formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded colorectal tissues were obtained in this study ;42 biopsies from colorectal carcinoma (CRC) and (16) from benign colorectal tumors as well as (10) apparently normal colorectal autopsies control group. The age of these individuals (patients and control groups) were ranged between 7 and 85 years. The patients samples were collected from the archives of histopathology laboratories of AL-Shaheed Gazi Al-Hariery Hospital for Specialized Surgery /Baghdad Teaching Hospital in Baghdad Medical City ;Al-Hilla ;AL-Saddar(Al-Najef); Al-Hussein (Kerblla) as well as many private histopathology laboratories that generously helped as and are kindly thanked in the present dedication. This study found the percent of JCVs -ISH in tissues with CRC observed in42.8% ( 18 out of 42 cases), and in the benign was detected in 6.25%  (1 out of 16 cases) while, in the healthy control group was detected in10% (1 out of 10 cases). The highest rates of JCV detected in relation with tumor grade depending on the differentiated of cells were 61.1 % (11 out of 18 cases) in grade I(well differentiated carcinoma), followed by 33.3% (6 out of 18cases) in grade II(moderately differentiated carcinoma), and 6.55% (1 out of 42 cases) in grade III (poorly differentiated carcinoma).

Conclusion of This Study

Significant association of John Cunningham virus infection with colorectal cancers indicate for an important possible role for this viral agent in the development of this subset of colorectal tumors


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Z. ‎ A. Abdullah and ‎ S. H. Mohammed, “Molecular Targeting of John Cunningham Virus ‎‎(JCV) Among Colorectal Tumors Patients in ‎Central Iraq”, JUBPAS, vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 1692-1683, Nov. 2017.