Published: 03-03-2018

Study of the electrical properties of nanomatellite polymers (for low-density polyethylene LDPE ZnO)

Maher Hasan Rasheed, Safeer Abdel Karim Abdulrahim, Abd el Amir Khalaf Aret, Mohammed Hadi Shnain, Fouad Zuhair Razzooqi

12 - 22

Histological Study of Wing Limb in Chick Embryos at Ten Days Age

Zahraa Sahib AL-Ka'aby, Abdul Hadi Salal, Hasan Kudair

144 - 152

Validate the Content and Authenticity of the Sender for Text Messages Using QR Code

Firas Mohammed Aswad, Yaser Ali Manty, Entesar Ismaeel Khudair, Ahmed Ihsan Mohammed

215 - 223