Approximation of Functions in L_P Spaces for p<1,Using Radial Basis Function Neural Networks

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Eman Samir Bhaya
Zainab Abdulmunim Sharba


   Many papers introduced about the approximation of continuous functions using neural networks. In this paper we use neural network to approximate functions in  spaces for p . We study the approximation for functions defined on the complete real line using neural networks with radial basis having constant weight. We also use convolution to approximate functions in  spaces for a compact interval using radial basis function neural networks of constant weights.


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E. S. Bhaya and Z. A. Sharba, “Approximation of Functions in L_P Spaces for p&lt;1,Using Radial Basis Function Neural Networks”, JUBPAS, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 400-405, Jul. 2019.