Published: 24-12-2018

A New Modulus of Smoothness for Uniform Approximation

Eman Samir Bhaya, Bushra Khudhair Hussein


The Role of Ki-67 Immunoexpression in Diagnosis of Molar Pregnancy and Differentiating its Subtypes

Sanarya M. Ali, Nadya Y. Ahmed, Tenya T. Abdul Al-Hameed, Tara MA Shalal


Estimation of some Immunological Factors in Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients

Ashwaq M. S. Al-Jubouri, Mohammed A. K. Al-Saadi, Hadi M. A. Al-Mosawi


Design an Interactive System for Construction the Cold Rolling Line

Abbas Ali Mahmood, Saadia Haief Kadhum, Osam Abdul Hakeem


The Influence of Tin Oxide Doping on Structural and Optical Properties of (Bi2O3) Thin Films

Abdullah Mahmood Hussein, Wlla Mohffod Mohammed, Sabri Jassim Mohammed