Chitinase Activity of Some Bacterial Strains Isoiated from Iraqi Soil.

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Alaa H. Al-Charrakh
S. J. Taj-Aldeem
A. KaduiiI- Hindi


The chltinase aeth·ity of thebacterial isolates were detennfned, and it was found that the isolae S.marcescens HL-165 has the highest
acitivity in degradation of crJtin ma.'dmumartivity of chitinase (0.894 U ml)-l m the seventh day of inocubation, then the isolate B. Licheniformis ISR~-75 which gave maximum activity (0.486 u ml)-l in the fowih day of inocubation, the isolate B, mycodides CH-45 occpied the third
degree giving ma.ximum activity (0.346 U ml)-l it, the ninth day of inocubation, whereas the isolate. Streptomyces spp. Act-14 has the lowest activity ghing maximum acthity (0.240 U ml)-l in the twelfth day of inocubation, in colloidal chitin medium.
It was found the isolate B. Licheniformis ISR\-"5 prnduced chitinase when grown at 50 C in chitin broth medium whereas ihe other Bad'erial isolates produced this enzYlIle when they grown at (28-30) C i.n the same medium.


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A. H. Al-Charrakh, S. J. Taj-Aldeem, and A. K.- Hindi, “Chitinase Activity of Some Bacterial Strains Isoiated from Iraqi Soil.”, JUBPAS, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 213 - 224, Jan. 2018.