The Characteristics of Magical Realism in the Work of the Iraq Artst Suad Alttar and the Egyp Tian Artist Zainab AL-Sijini

  • Maha Saleem student activities
Keywords: Realistic feature, Suad ALttar, Zainab AL-Sijini


The current research consists of four chapters. The first chapter includes the research problem, which is summarized by the following question: What are the characteristics of magical realism in the works of the Iraqi artist Suad Al Attar and the Egyptian artist Zainab Al-Sejini, as well as the importance of research and its need? The drawings of the artist Suad Al Attar and the artist Zeinab Al-Sajini, and the definition of terminology.

The second chapter included two topics: First: the concept of magical realism in plastic art. The second topic: the characteristics of privacy in the experience of artist Suad Al Attar and artist Zeinab Al-Sajini, as well as the indicators that ended the theoretical framework. The third chapter deals with the research procedures represented by the research, the research sample, the research methodology, and the analysis of six samples of the works of the artists Suad Al-Attar and Zainab Al-Sejini. The fourth chapter included the results of the research, the most important of which:

- Women live in the works of Suad al-Attar in remote forests uninhabited by people and dark spaces and perform strange acts of puzzling while Zeinab women sit in open places and bright spaces and perform acts approaching the fun and play and fun childish

The conclusions are:

- The image of women in the work of Suad Al-Attar on the concerns of uncertainty and fear of the unknown in the Iraqi self due to factors of the environment and life and constant anxiety, while the image of women at Zeinab al-Sajini stability and childish fun and reassurance due to the factors of the natural environment and social stability in Egypt.

As well as recommendations, proposals, form appendix, research summary in English and research sources.


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