The Right in Natural Resources

  • Maitham Manfi Kazem Al Amidi Imam Kadhim Islamic Sciences College
Keywords: Constitution, Oil, Gas, Minerals, Water, Forests


The existence of natural resources on the earth is one of the basics of the continuation of life in it, because in short, ownership of their children, it is impossible to imagine the existence of human life free of natural resources. The interest in wealth is a real guarantee that crystallizes on one of the legal aspects of the state, namely respect for human rights, including the right to exploit wealth in favor of saving lives, reducing poverty levels and enhancing levels of economic development.

The attention to modern rights has been replaced by the rapid developments at the level of international law, which will then move on to national constitutions. This right has been placed in the hands of the authors of constitutions as one of the elements of the constitutional system, which adopts the democratic approach as a method of governance, Applicable everywhere.

The formulation of the right to wealth in the constitutional documents did not take a unified pattern, but rather a variation from one constitution to another. The legislator recognized this right and made it the property of the state as the legal and legitimate representative of the people, exercising political power on his behalf. As well as the Constitution requires them to provide the maximum degree of legal protection and non-exhaustion to access to comprehensive economic development


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