Scenes of Dance in Degas's Paintings

  • Hamzah Allawi Muserbt AL- AlwaniM. Directorate General of the Babylon Education
Keywords: scenes, painting, dance


The current study deals with Scenes of Dance in Degas's paintings, The research contains four chapters: The first chapter includes a presentation of the specific research problem with the following question: (What is thScenes of Dance in Degas's paintings?, and the need for it, the aim of the study lies in: Knowing Scenes of Dance in Degas's paintings .

The study identifies the dance scenes in Degas paintings through the technical sources, including the information network for the period (1874-1898) in France, and the first chapter includes the definition of the most important terms. The second chapter includes the theoretical framework, which includes two subjects. The first research includes Expressive scenes of dancing in plastic art .

The second research includes Stylistic experiment in Degas paintings , The chapter ended with theoretical framework indicators. The third chapter deals with the research procedures that deals with the research society, which includes (150) works of art. The research sample consists of (5) technical works. The study ended with the fourth chapter, which deals with the results and conclusions of the research, as well as recommendations and proposals, among the results of the research are :

  1. The artist embodies the bodies of the dancers as a subject of painting, and introduces the social reality that the dancer suffers physically.

2.The relationship between painting and dance has taken an expressive path, where the beauty of dance and pain (social suffering) often goes hand in hand.

The most important conclusions are:

1.The artist (Degas) used the painting as part of the body dancer because the world is developing, and nothing stands still.

2.Dance is an optical language, the body language through which expressive, emotions , feelings and  meanings cannot  be expressed in words.

The study concludes with a list of sources and references. As well as a abstract in English.



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